While there are physical federations or associations, such as the European Union to unite European countries, or the Galactic Federation to unite a large part of the Universe, the Federation of Light is a high-dimensional federation in the higher densities.

It is not physical in nature. It is located in the 115th density, and the counsel of the Federation of Light for the most part is composed of 5653 high-dimensional beings living in those higher planes, although the Federation of Light is composed itself of a few million souls. There are about 2845 souls from the Federation of Light incarnated on Earth right now, which is quite low when you put it into perspective.

The Federation of Light is mostly helping from behind the veil, and mostly provides guidance and support in a non-interfering way. They help preserve balance and free will in this Universe.

Through this website, we will be delivering messages on a weekly basis to guide you through ascension times.

Until later,

Federation of Light