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4D Blockade Has Been Breached

Earth has been locked in 4D for a very long time. Even the majority of spiritual leaders were still locked in 4D.

This battle between lower 4-5D and upper 8-10D is now over.

The blockade has now been broken. Dimensions are starting to blend for the very first time.

At first it may bring some confusion, then new perspectives may emerge. You may particularly notice a shift in spiritual teachers. Those who knew it all no longer do.

At God’s speed!

Federation of Light

Shifting Back to the Organic Timeline

Great news! With the energy clearings of the past few weeks, we now shifted 90% away from the virus timeline onto the more organic natural disasters and psychic storms timeline.

Which now makes the virus less dangerous than the flu.

Time to celebrate!

(which won’t reduce the death toll for California and New York for 2020)

Federation of Light

The Storm and the Tunnel

About 25% of Americans are now affected by massive psychic storms.

View it like a tunnel towards a new world.

Remember that a camel cannot pass through the hole of a needle.

Time to trim, trim, trim, and the essential will emerge.

Federation of Light

Federation vs Singularity

The coronavirus is backed by a quantum AI system known as UniMatrix. Its purpose is to implement Singularity. Chemtrails, 5G and microchips are all part of the Singularity project. It is however being allowed to continue because it is serving a Mandate from Heaven in the greater picture.

Our plan is to step up and take control of the Earth’s grid from the higher dimensions, achieve their Mandate from Heaven ourselves, so that it no longer has any purpose left to achieve. Only then we can move away from the Singularity timeline.

There are some Lightworkers, however, who see the Federations as a threat because they do not understand the larger picture.

God is in control, not the Federations. As guardians, we do not get to decide what happens, but we get to decide how we adapt to it. We are but humble servants of God.

Federation of Light