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Victory of the Light

The invaders’ control of the Universe just dropped from 58% to 24%; and of the Ultraverse from 28% to 14%. Time for a counter-offensive.

This isn’t the end of the war, but a major victory.

– Federation of Light

The Hard Road Is the Easy Road

The easy road is the hard road; the hard road is the easy road. Don’t look for shortcuts.

– Federation of Light

Return of the Orion Federation

I still have a non-human as my left neighbor, and a witch just came back as my right neighbor. They’ve sent teams after teams to try to contain my energy. They are getting desperate. Containment is now only 23% effective, and the more they hold the beast, the stronger it grows. They’re about to break. I’m expecting as many as 50 non-humans to flood the area this week. I’m ready, and out of patience.

Other than trying to contain and isolate lightworkers, they also contain and separate planets and Federations to keep people isolated and without help. That’s about to end.

Lately, the higher dimensions have been clearing up, and communication started happening again between guardians and Federations.

In Orion, they were separating planets and implanting visions of disasters in other planets to discourage the people. The real damage was only 2% of the visions. The spells have now been broken.

Today, on October 9th, we just restored full communication with the Orion Federation. Turn your mind towards Orion to receive the help you need.

If communication remains clear, I “may” start again channelling weekly messages from the Federation of Light. Can’t promise though; but things are definitely heading on the right track.

The Darkness Within

As a word of warning. The stronger is your light, the more refined is your shadow. There are millions of parallel timelines, and some of these timelines are literally hell. As timelines are now collapsing, you’re going to have to face your shadow self — and it’s no child’s play.

Humble America

America is not being destroyed. It is being humbled.

– Federation of Light

The Lion and the Gate

Ever tried to pass through a gate guarded by a lion?

You won’t get through by focusing on the lion.

There is no gate, and the wall is an illusion.

– Federation of Light

Have Faith in God

When things get challenging, when everything seems impossible, and when you lose faith… Place your faith in God, for it is the everlasting way out.

It is the great stabilizer, the great guide, and the only constant of truth.

Federation of Light

What Lies Ahead is [couldn’t translate]

We couldn’t find the right word to correctly translate the intent. What lies ahead is meant to be, it is dharmic, it is part of the unfolding of ever-lasting creation.

The sand of a storm may disturb you for a day or two, but the sunlight is everlasting.

The temporary disruption is just the blink of an eye in the greater picture.

Federation of Light

Diablo & Lilith Are No More

Diablo and Lilith, representing the corruption of the sacred Masculine and sacred Feminine, have just been 100% eliminated.

This is the result of great team-work!

The resulting shift will be profound.

– Federation of Light

Revolution vs Evolution

There are lots of people who are stuck in a cycle of anger and vengeance and who fight for a revolution.

There are others who recognize a higher inner truth and who wish for evolution past all those karmic cycles.

We got to decide: do we want to turn around in circles, or do we want to ascend?

The good news is that those fighting for revolution will be leaving the physical plane and the planet shortly. But until then, they can still cause serious damage.

From God’s perspective, their purpose is to expose the Cabal for what they truly are, and to wake up the population through shock therapy.

At God’s pace!

Federation of Light